We are Jamie and Cinthia, professional wedding photographers and a husband - wife team based in Bedfordshire nearby Cambridgeshire.

We are both considered to be warm and friendly by all our clients 🙂.  We really love meeting new people and being part of your wedding day is not just taking pictures, but it is a honour for us as we believe that marriage life together is very unique. It is a privilege to be part of this day to celebrate love and happiness. 🙂


Outside of weddings we love to play with the light and shadows and of course, a good wine to relax when we're back home, a nice classical music or jazz and candle lights. Cinthia loves desserts but when it is too late at night I try to keep her far from that temptation as it is not so healthy...lol... she is always trying to lose some weight. lol

Marriage life is sweet and also fun! I like to wake up early and for her it is a sacrifice! I prefer to have a main meal and she prefers dessert! I love to walk and get fresh air, but it can be too cold for her. Although we have many differences ( mainly because we are from different countries and cultures).

Now 2015 a memorable year in April... Joshua completely enlightened our lives with his sweet arrival. Everyday he overwhelms us, binds us together and our feeling of a family :). He smiles just like me his daddy 🙂 through the day, apart from when he's tired or hungry lol...

Ahhhh.... how can we forget to talk about Bailey? no way! He is our little precious cuddling dog. when we do a wedding he stays with my mum. She loves him.... We call him "Bailey: the thief of hearts" , because nobody resist his charm  ;).


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Undivided Love Photography officially started out back in 2006, when Jamie’s passion for Photography had to excel to another level.

"Back before 2006, a young man in Bedford, I was always out catching the last summer rays in the evening and travelling to the lakes in Cumbria with my camera. But Landscape Photography wasn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors but working with Lifestyle Photography gave me so many more opportunities with meeting new people and creating an excellence in imagery with available light around me.

So, my journey began with friends' weddings around 2002-5 which I was hooked by capturing those natural moments, when oneself is unaware of the camera and able to capture that perfect moment on somebody’s personality  as intended.

Wedding Photography has opened many doors for me with beautiful English heritage venues in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties even as far as Surrey and Portsmouth. It is an area that I really enjoy as I am very communicative person and I love to capture the happiness of such a great and special day of someone's life.

The year 2008 was really the happening year for me, as I met my lovely and undivided love, my best friend and sweet love Cinthia, my darling wife. She really helped bridge the gap I needed in life and also really brought the Wedding Photography together with her Journalist's point of view and of course her feminine side.

Even though from time to time I need to go solo with weddings, working together as a team really hits home for me and to share times together at a wedding is sweet knowing we’re together. It is also good because, as a couple and business partners, we know our strength and how to work together for the best of our clients. Sometimes we have a little competition between us both, but all for the sake of the best shoot of the day 😉

In 2011, I decided to try the BIPP, the British Institute for Professional Photographers, which is a very respectable Institute and it is very demanding to choose its members. I have worked hard  the whole year and my efforts were worthy, as I became a Qualified Photographer of BIPP.  My goal is to grow more and more, reaching other levels in the Institute.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our little history, I can’t think how many cameras I’ve gone through :/ lol.. But we love…"


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