• Robert & Amy Wedding at the Woodland Manor in Clapham Bedfordshire

It was a great pleasure for Cinthia and I to do Robert & Amy wedding. They are such a nice couple, so relaxed and easy-going that made every detail enjoyable for us.

First, I would like to talk about their pre shoot. They booked us in well advance time prior to their wedding day.

Amy travelled to England to prepare some details for the wedding. She came to us with her mum while Robert stayed in New Zealand…oh yes, they are both british but they live and work in New Zealand (we are not jealous, no, no no….lolol). They like radical sports and work together…. definitely an adventure life! 🙂

We did their pre-shoot when they came together some weeks before their wedding. The place for their engagement shoot was Bedford Park. It was fun! First, they were shy in front of the cameras, but the pre shoot was essential to know more about them and they loved the results.

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Their Wedding Ceremony was in Woodland Manor Hotel, located in Clapham, Bedfordshire. It was a perfect day!

We were there since the bridal preparations until the first dance. When we arrived to see the bride, what a beautiful surprise: Woodland Manor Hotel had renovated the bridal room. It is much better!

Now, the bride has a new room to get ready with a beautiful natural light coming from the window and that just complement the antique furniture inside the room. Even the wall paper has its charm and brings style, just adding a touch of elegance into the pictures.

We can say, we really enjoy to do weddings at Woodland! Everything in just one place: no travelling from Ceremony to Reception, their customer service is great, they have a beautiful bridal suite, a wonderful landscape and building and they prepare everything beautifully for your wedding.

Their facilities makes every natural shoot easier. Mainly if the couple are lucky enough to get a sunny day, or better, a cloudy day, as clouds diffuses the sunlight as a filter, bringing all the right colours and contrast we are looking for.

Another great moment was the speeches. The groom prepared a special video showing some of their day-by-day and adventures at work in New Zealand, their house and their dog.  We laughed a lot!

We delighted to shoot Robert & Amy special day. They were not keen on lots of poses, but they wanted a mix with more natural shots possible, documenting without interfere on their wedding.

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Woodland Manor Wedding
It was a great pleasure for Cinthia and I to do Robert & Amy wedding. They are such a nice couple, so relaxed and easy-going that made every detail enjoyable for us.

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