• Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding.

winter wedding   Today, I am posting a winter wedding I did alone, by myself, without my lovely wife... This is because we went to Brazil last year and I travelled back first as I had to do
one of our Winter wedding... She stayed there till February enjoying the Sunshine, family, friends and their great barbicue (one day I need to post here about their BBQ houses! wow! amazing!).... Anyway.... she was there and I back to England, to be ready for a great challenge in the beginning of January: to photograph a 'candlelit winter wedding'! Yes, that is how I would call it. I need to say I loved it! When I met this couple, Andrew & Paula, they told me the only concerned they had was about the photographs inside the church because the ceremony would be lighted up just by candles. No other source at all!! Just candle light! Pretty dark if you think about date and time of the ceremony: at 15:30, during the Winter wedding season. They wanted to hire the right Wedding Photographer in Bedfordshire for them, who would be able to get all the beauty of those candles and everything more.... and I was there, covering their big day. Thanks for choosing me, guys! What a privilege to have this challenge and be part of such a special day! When I got inside the church, it was really beautiful to have all those candles - although I almost couldn't see the guests...lol...- but for my Photographer point of view, it was perfect! For who is curious about where they got married, it was at St. Mary's Church, in Haynes, Bedfordshire. Their reception was at Haynes Village Hall. Actually, they had a big marquee inside it, full of fairy lights for my delight! Just beautiful! Andrew and Paula chose our Full Day Package with 1 Photographer, so I was there till the first dance. I had prepared everything: Cameras, spares batteries, light studio equipment, different lenses... my D800 was with me and I need to say, we did a great job! Nikon D800 is great to catch the ambient and perfect for low light! Indeed, it is not just about having a good camera, but it is really important to have the right camera on situations like that and also the right lenses. Of course, you need to have the skills too 😉 The weather was cold on that day and I decided to bring all the light equipment I brought to inside the church (to take pictures after ceremony, the requested ones), considering not have so much natural light outside left and the low temperature, as some of the guests were seniors and it would not be good to keep them freezing outside the building. I was vey glad with the results in the end. Andrew & Paula loved their pictures also and now, I am posting some of them here for you. I hope you enjoy 🙂 and lastly here is a link from Pinterest with some great ideas on winter wedding. Jamie Hotchin Stylianou

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