• Craig & Vikki Rennie at South Farm

South Farm

We had the pleasure again with Craig & Vikki at South Farm in Cambridgeshire. Truly another lovely venue for a country wedding...

South Farm is an incredible venue for romantic country weddings.  The Ceremonies are conducted outdoors in the Summer House, in the Tudor Barn, the Old Dairy and the Drawing Room.

There’s a beautiful old farmhouse which origins flanks a fine barnyard of three ancient listed timber framed barns, a granary, old dairy,  hovels and stables, all restored and home to our friendly breed farm animals. The place has an idyllic garden, that just add beauty in the composition for the couple’s pictures.

At South Farm, they grow, rear and catch, harvest vegetables, fruits, poultry and eggs, pigs and paddocks, monster trout from the lake and game from the surrounding estate.

With a fantastic food and heart to keep a good environment and the nature, this place is well know as one of the best in the country to hold events, weddings and parties.

Have a look of some pictures….click on the image to see it bigger.

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Craig & Vikki's Wedding at South Farm
South Farm is an incredible venue for romantic country weddings. See photos from Craig and Vikki's wedding there.

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